Email Marketing is one of the marketing methods on the Internet that we can control and we have so that in its use we become more flexible and can be easily optimized because the data is yours clearout. Usually, companies will use an email tester first before confirming their email marketing. Meanwhile, email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Many business experts use email marketing as a way to market their business products. In the method of its application, email marketing has advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing for business people? Here are some of the advantages of email marketing:

1. Easy to Use
The first advantage of internet marketing is that it is easy to use. Why is it easy to use? because this kind of marketing method can be done anytime and anywhere. Provided we are connected online. Just like email in general in the process of implementing it. The difference may lie in its function and use only. If email is used to send e-mails, email marketing is a product marketing for business activists online.

2. Can Reach Broad Consumers
The second advantage is that email marketing can reach broad consumers. Networks and connections will be easy to get by applying this kind of marketing method. Because email marketing can spread information related to your business product. Thus your business will be more advanced when using this one method.

3. Safe and Reliable
And the last advantage of doing business with email marketing is that the process is safe and reliable, so you will be very comfortable doing business with this kind of method. So, if it is comfortable, your business will surely run well and generate huge profits for you. And certainly without worrying that undesirable things will happen to your business.

Weaknesses of Email Marketing

When there are positive things there must be some negative things that will be tucked. Similarly, email marketing. Besides having advantages, email marketing also has disadvantages. Because the true advantages and disadvantages of email marketing must be there. Not just email marketing, but other methods too. The following are some of the shortcomings of email marketing, which are worth considering.

1. Quite Difficult to Apply to Lay People
For those of you who are technology illiterate, it may be difficult for you to apply marketing methods with email marketing. Because you think it’s difficult and complicated. Usually, people who like this prefer to do business face to face with consumers. They tend not to like things that are considered troublesome like this email marketing.

2. Compete Strictly With Other Marketing Methods
The second weakness or lack of e-mail marketing is the level of market competition. Because we know that in fact, it is not only internet marketing methods that are developing in the business world. There are so many other business methods that are no less superior than just email marketing. Especially with technological advances that continue to increase. This needs to be watched out for. Because of negligence, we can lag far behind in time.

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