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2014 Stock Truck Rules
Stock truck 1966 -2012 ½ or ¾ models may use later model parts on older trucks or vice
versa NO CROSSING MFG this is a stock class so if it doesn’t say you can you can’t. Must
have min 4 point, 3 door bars 1 ½ 090 min. steel tubing.
Cage may have down brace to front & rear of frame.
Must have racing seat and belts.
May have fuel cell w/steel can and 2" (inch) steel straps mounted in bed of truck or fuel
tank cannot be inside cab must be in safe location if using stock location must be protected
by steel in safe manner. NO RACING FUEL 93 octane max.

May replace coil springs with any stock type spring 5” min. Leafs may have adjusters on
rear. All springs must be in stock location.
SHOCKS stock type, solid body non rebuild able, stock mounts only, no relocating. Buy
rule $60.00 per shock anyone can buy anyone’s.

Must have stock engine that came in truck from factory may overbore 60k & all parts must
be stock or aftermarket stock replacement only OEM ignition only, May run elect fuel pump
with oil pressure cut off with fuel injection only. Stock type valve job only. NO other work
cutting polishing, lighting etc. period.
Hydraulic lifters only Camshaft 500 max lift.
Block/crank/rods/heads/valves/valve springs/retainers must be stock. Oil Pan & valve
covers exhaust manifold must remain stock may add straight pipes mufflers optional...
INTAKE &CARB: any. May remove smog/ac pumps & etc. May change fuel injection to carb
or use fuel injection engines in older trucks.

Transmission stock automatic only must have stock working converter. May add cooler.

Must have stock rear end for truck, gear ratio optional (may lock) no crossing mfg.
STOCK BRAKES if using truck with drum brakes may up date with later model parts for
DRIVE SHAFT: Must be painted white and have 2 LOOPS.

Must remove all glass, body moldings, all interior, (may leave dash and steering column
intact because of electronics), must have stock firewall/cab back & floor-pan, if rusted
though must patch with steel. May make sheet metal body parts but must be size and look
of stock, top and hood must be stock, may cut fenders & remove inter fenders for tire
clearance only.
RADIATOR: May change & Remount.
BATTERY: Must be mounted securely.

Front of truck must resemble model may replace grill and head lights with expanded metal/
alum or with plastic racing nose if available for that model. Wheel base must remain stock
for make no cutting. BODY AND FRAME MUST MATCH Ford to Ford etc. May replace
tailgate with closed metal same size. BED no covers must have solid steel bottom (if rusty
must be made solid with steel no hulling. May build bumpers that resemble aftermarket
tubular. May have rub rail just above wheel wells front to rear no sharp edges 2”X2” max.

Must have tow hooks front and rear & Windshield BARS IN FRONT OF DRIVER

Wheels 8” wide max any steel racing ok : ( may have alloy stock type only ,no racing). All 4
wheels must same bead size.

Tires: side wall/section width 11”& 9.5 tread max. Dot street radials (no racing tires, off
road or otherwise period)

Weight: 11 lbs. Per cubic inch (example 350 ci 3850 lbs.) must be on R F windshield post

PROTEST: Track retains 30 % of protest. You can only protest the car finishing one
position ahead of you. $350 to pull one head. (Cam, carb, intake, bore, & stroke) $400 for
bottom rods, bore, & stroke) $50 per visual tech retains all) MAY BE IMPOUNDED FOR 2
days. OR BUY RULE $2000.00 or $1000.00exchange less seat/belts & fuel cell. May only
use BUY or Protest Rule on truck 1 position in front of Protester. Truck protested has
option to sale or exchange.