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2014 Jr Hornets Rules
1. To compete in the Jr Hornet class he/she must be between ages of 12-17 and
MUST provide a copy of he/she birth certificate.
2. If an Jr Hornet driver wins 6 feature races at they must move up to the Hornet
division or can be moved up at anytime per track discretion to equalize competition.
3. Hornet MUST be painted red or yellow or High School colors
4. Hornet must have a working horn and have a center brake light.
5. All races will be lined up by random draw.
6. Winner of previous weeks feature will automatically start in back of feature event.
7. All Drivers & Crews must have FUN. MANDATORY!
o Any four-cylinder (4) car or truck (no 4WD or AWD) with maximum wheelbase of
one hundred four inches (105”) with complete stock body, frame and suspension. No
bracing anywhere, except inside driver’s compartment. Dash, steering and pedals
must remain stock for that make and model. Stock dash may be trimmed for
clearance. All insulation under hood must be removed. No slab bodies. No bars in
front of radiator, no reinforcing of bumpers.
o Weight: 1 lb per cc (example 1.6 motor = 1600 pounds)
o Roll Cage: Full four-post (4) roll cage must be used. Must have minimum of three
(3) door bars in driver’s side (plate recommended).
o Stock OEM engine unaltered. No Headers
o Stock carburetor/fuel system for that make and model of vehicle. No turbo chargers.
o Stock transmission for the make and model of vehicle you are racing.
o Suspension must remain stock. No spring spacers.
o Battery can be left under hood, but if moved to back must be in battery box
securely mounted.
o Stock unaltered rear end for that make and model of vehicle.
o Tires and Wheels must be stock size for that make, model, and year of car. All four
tires and wheels must remain same size. No offset wheels.
o Gas Tank: If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell
or boat tank. (6.6 gal max.) Fuel cell/boat tank must be covered, secured and located
in trunk. Must be safe. Tow hooks or chains front & rear are mandatory.
o Driver’s door must be welded or chained shut. Driver side doorplates
recommended. A leaf spring separated and welded to the outside of door allowed.
o Fire suit, gloves and shoes are recommended.
o Must have DOT or Snell approved helmet.
o All glass must be removed. Third brake light must remain intact and operable.
o Approved racing safety belts and shoulder harness required. Must be quick release
type belts. Must be securely fastened to car frame or roll cage. Racing seat
recommended. 18" tall minimum numbers of doors and roof.
o Car radios and speakers may remain intact and in working condition
o Wiring under dash may be removed.
o Car horn must remain intact and in working condition. Cars must have a 24”
number on the roof and at least an 18” number on each door. THIS IS A MUST!