Learning English is not easy, especially to reach the level b1 speaking and listening exam. So, here are tips that can be used to quickly learn English.

1. Don’t learn too much grammar

Learning grammar will only slow us down and make us confused. We will think about the rules of how to write a sentence, not how to say the sentence naturally like native speakers. Remember, most native speakers only understand a little about grammar. But they are fluent in English, reading, speaking, listening and communicating effectively.

2. Learning Phrases

If we know a thousand words, not necessarily we can say one correct sentence. However, if we know one phrase, we can make hundreds of sentences correctly. The more phrases we know, the easier it will be to speak in English like a native speaker.
3. Practice the Words / Sentences You Hear!

Listening and speaking are very important aspects of every language, and so is English. However, speaking is the only condition for being fluent in English. It can be said that the natural order is listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Don’t stop to listen, but don’t just listen. Speak aloud the material we are listening to, and always say what you hear.

4. Sink Yourself

We just need to surround ourselves with English. We can do this by making it a rule to our friends that we only want to speak English. As we can see, we can achieve results by changing how our environment. Immerse ourselves in English, and we will learn several times faster.

5. Studying the Right Material

Studying the right material will make it easier for us to learn English. Choose material that suits you and study it well.

In conclusion, learn from material that is trustworthy, commonly used, and which is true material.