It can be said that website design is the same as fashion. That is, it always changes with the times. However, it turns out that the essential elements on the website have not changed too much. So, what are the basic elements of a business or company website? In the meantime, before we continue, you can use the plak theme promo code if you need a plak theme for your new website.

The basic elements of a website should be able to increase the User Experience (UX). That way, the number of potential customers will increase as well. Well, here are some of the basic elements that a company website must have:

1. Layout

The layout of a company website must have an arrangement of elements that can make it easier for visitors to follow the flow of information that the website owner wants to convey to readers. So, a business website should consider the layout of the layout thoroughly. We recommend that you don’t make the layout too complicated which will make it difficult for readers to follow the flow that is presented.

2. White Space

This element serves to make it easier for the human eye to organize data. White space itself is a space given to separate one element from another. Please note that the website is a space that contains various types of information. So, for this information to be well processed and accepted by the eyes of the readers, there must be a space that functions as a pause.

3. Navigation

Navigation has an important role in a business website. Navigation can be likened to a floor plan or road guide that can make it easier for visitors to find whatever content or product category is needed. Therefore, make sure your business website also has navigation that is strategically located, so that it is easier for readers to find. Apart from being strategically located, the form of navigation must also be easy to use. That way, readers will feel more at home on your business website.