Watches are often a complementary accessory to your appearance that you shouldn’t forget to wear when doing activities. Besides functioning as a timepiece, best watches in the world are also able to make users appear more fashionable. No wonder we often mix and match watches with the clothes worn, what locations, and events to attend. For women, watches are chosen not only based on quality but design and color. Especially if you like wearing accessories such as bracelets, rings, earrings, or necklaces. Of course, you want the watch and other accessories to match. Unfortunately, one of the mistakes that women often make is wearing a watch along with an accessory that doesn’t match the size or color. To wear watches and accessories in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces, you need the right trick. In order not to look excessive when worn, pay attention to the size, design, and color.

The jewelry is easy to mix and match. Simple bracelet design, cute, small size. Can be used every day, not striking when combined with a watch. It completes our look without being too overwhelming. There are feminine ones, there are simple and classic ones too. The hallmark of its vintage design is always showing the flowers and animals that exist in England. This watch is intended for women across generations, ranging from millennial adolescents, young adults to mothers in general. A clock for a woman can also be a stylish statement. Many women don’t like wearing a watch, especially if you match a watch with all the interesting items, then you will be more stylish. The summer outfit that Olivia chose seems right. The off-the-shoulder top cut adds a sexy look to the summer. Ash’s hair looks in tune with the watch and bracelets on one side of the hand.

Appearing wearing a watch doesn’t have to be a formal themed outfit. Check out this little sister style from Kendall Jenner. She looks feminine and bold with an orange dress. Meanwhile, he executed a watch with gold nuances to sweeten his appearance. The next stylish style with women’s watches is the style of actress Dakota Johnson. This beautiful woman combines a floral dress with sneakers in a vintage look. She can still be casual with a tote bag and be adorned with the presence of a brown strap watch.