People really like managing their social media when they have spare time. Organizing contents of your social media is necessary if you want to increase your engagement. Moreover, if you are considered a public figure, you have to regularly organize your contents so that those look perfect to your audience. You may have to lower your frequency of watching your favourite Netflix program to manage your social media more often. As a public figure that expects for higher public engagement, you should not worry that the rumour is netflix down right now, but you should worry that you cannot manage your social media properly.

Watching Netflix programs somehow gets people addicted. In fact, there are a number of advantages that users possibly get when they watch Netflix programs. For instance, you can choose your Netflix package based on the quality that you need. The options which consist of premium, basic and SD resolution enable people to find their most suitable option. This is why Netflix can attract people with different levels of spending. Of course, with more amount of money that you pay, you are going to get a better experience of watching Netflix programs.

Netflix is supported with a number of features in its menu. Here users possibly set their Netflix account to be more personal. In other words, people possibly get an exclusive experience to enjoy Netflix programs. For instance, you can set the subtitle appearance of your Netflix account. You can determine details of subtitle so that you can get a better experience of watching Netflix programs. Some details including font, size and colour are interesting to set so that you can feel very convenient to enjoy your spare time. If you have some issues with your eyes, you can try to enlarge the size of subtitle so that you can watch effortlessly.