This time I will share about how to choose a good and quality electric guitar. Many types and choices of guitars are sold in music stores, but not all of them are of good quality. Of course, you need the right selection if you want to buy an electric guitar according to your heart. Fine, I’ll give you some tips to buy an Electric guitar kit.

Here are 5 tips for buying an electric guitar which suits your needs:

1 # If you want to buy a guitar choose according to your budget, if the budget is just barely / range 1-3 million can already buy a decent guitar, just choose what suits your heart. Take it easy, an expensive guitar is not necessarily good quality, it depends on us who choose and according to us.

2 # When you go to the music store, choose a guitar that really fits you. Don’t be fooled by the appearance/model of the guitar from the outside. Try it first if you want to know the good, good or bad when the guitar is played. Also, note the quality of the sound produced by the guitar.

3 # If you choose a guitar, don’t be fooled by a well-known guitar brand. Many guitar models that may not even be famous are of better quality. The most important thing is to adjust with your heart and budget to choose a good quality guitar.

4 # Don’t buy secondhand guitars because we don’t know how to use them before. Sometimes the appearance or shape is still good but not necessarily of good quality. When trying to sound faded, so my advice is to avoid buying a guitar with a friend who is already familiar and right.

5 # Choose a guitar with a pleasant voice. The sound of the guitar never lies and is also lied to, to enjoy the guitar of course from the sound quality not only from the appearance and well-known brands. If you buy an expensive guitar but the sound quality is not good it will feel useless and right there will be regret after buying the guitar. The ends are sold again or made at home.