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The Wildman Goes To
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By: Brooklyn Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery

Crossville, TN (August 3rd, 2013) – In Late Model qualifying it was #25 Lynn Selby
taking the top honors with a lap of 13.18. The heat races were lined up by the way the
drivers qualified. The first heat race was won by Selby, and heat race #2 was won by
#77 Perry Delaney.

The 25-lap feature started with Selby in the lead, with #5M Scott Shelton, #5C Troy
Davenport, #58 Kenny Cobble, and #14 Justin Fairbanks in pursuit. On lap 5 #66 Deke
Waters got by Fairbanks for fifth. On lap six #5 Todd Spivey slid past Fairbanks for
sixth. Spivey took over fifth one lap later. Lap 11 saw Spivey get past Cobble for
fourth. Selby powered out to a big lead and cruised to his first win of the year. Shelton
was second, Davenport third, Spivey was fourth, and Fairbanks rounded out the top
five. Sixth through tenth was #K37 Drew Kennedy, #32 Herman Radke, #84 Buddy
Knox, #25 Jeff Walker, and Waters.

The Chevettes held a special race on this night with a higher purse. The Chevette
Summer Shootout, was a race put on by the drivers of the Chevette division. The
Chevettes qualified on this night and setting the fast time was #8 Ronnie Choate Jr.
with a 16.11, #10 Jason Qualls ran a fast lap of 16.12. The heat races saw Choate and
Qualls take the wins. Choate jumped into an early lead with Qualls and #15X John
Vibbert trailing. Lap 2 saw Qualls spin-out bringing out a caution. Vibbert and #34
Dustin Benton were running second and third at the restart. Lap 5 saw Qualls get by
#15 Tony Lewis for fourth. One lap later Qualls slipped by Benton for third. On lap 12
Qualls continued his march back to the front by taking second away from Vibbert. A
lap 15 caution came out as Benton took a spin down the back straightaway. Choate
powered ahead of the field on the restart. Choate cruised to a big lead en route to his
third win of the year at the track. Vibbert finished second, Qualls was third, Benton
fourth, and Lewis rounded out the top five.

The Street Stock class saw #84 Jason Savage take the lead with #55 Duke Lowe in
second and #11 Scotty Vaupel. On lap 3 #K37 Drew Kennedy passed Vaupel for third.
On lap 5 Kennedy got by Lowe for second, only to see Lowe grab the position back
one lap later. Kennedy finally got by Lowe on lap 9. Lap16 Kennedy powered into the
lead past Savage. It was a lead he would keep for the rest of the race. Savage finished
second, #46 Cody Rector was third, Vaupel fourth, and Lowe rounded out the top five.
Lowe won the heat race.

In the Stock Truck class #T91 Nick Adams took the lead at the start followed closely by
#25 Jeff Proffitt. On lap 2 Proffitt passed Adams for the lead. Proffitt would continue
this lead for the rest of the race, picking up his fourth win of the season. Adams was
second and #5 Paula Tarantino finished third. Proffitt also won the heat race.

The Hornet class saw #01 Kane Pelfrey grab the lead at the start. On lap 2 #C4 Eddie
Brown grabbed the lead from Pelfrey, one lap later Pelfrey would regain his lead.
Pelfrey would not give up this lead and would go on to win his first win of the season.
#717 Amelia McClain was second, #151 Michael Conley finished third, #5K Kealey
Lowe fourth, and #57 Stephen Conley rounded out the top five. Pelfrey and Brown
won the heat races.

In the Legend class #13 Ty Bowman took the lead in the 20-lap feature with #97 Zack
Dunsmore right behind him. Lap 8 saw Dunsmore take the lead with #42 Joseph
Underwood in second. Lap 11 saw Bowman take over second ahead of Underwood.
On lap 13 Underwood retook second and #8 Jacob Owens moved into third.
Meanwhile upfront it was all Dunsmore as he picked up his fourth win of the year.
Owens finished second, Underwood was third, Bowman fourth, and #26 Tommy
Fitzgerald rounded out the top five. Bowman won the heat race.

The Dwarf class saw #65 Joseph Underwood grab the lead at the start. Underwood
would not give up this lead through the duration of the race. He would go on to get
his fifth win of the season. #7 Shawn Thomas was second, #07 Larry Garrison finished
third, and #R22 Dwayne Allen was fourth. Garrison won the heat race.

In the Jr. Hornet class #85 Dylan Duggan took the lead at the start followed closely by
#17 Carlie Mullinax and #25JR Colten Akins. Duggan would continue his lead to pick
up his first win of the year. Mullinax was second, Akins third, and #L94 Lukas Presley
finished fourth. Duggan also won the heat race.

Next Saturday night will be Food City Race Night and the Women's Designer Hair Race
(powder puff). For more info go to www.crossvilleraceway.net

Crossville Raceway Results


Late Models:  1. #25 Lynn Selby  2. #5M Scott Shelton  3. #5C Troy Davenport  4. #5
Todd Spivey  5. #14 Justin Fairbanks  6. #K37 Drew Kennedy  7. #32 Herman Radke  8.
#84 Buddy Knox  9. #25 Jeff Walker  10. #66 Deke Waters  11. #3R Robert Edwards  12.
#20 Mike Selby  13. #58 Kenny Cobble  14. #8 Trent Mullinax  15. #12 Jeremy Holtzclaw  
(DNS) #66 Jordan Radabough  (DNS) #77 Perry Delaney

Chevette Summer Shootout:  1. #8 Ronnie Choate Jr.  2. #15X John Vibbert  3. #10
Jason Qualls  4. #34 Dutin Benton  5. #15 Tony Lewis  6. #2Q Stephen Fields  7. #71
Joe Adkins  8. #3 Jason Miller  9. #7 Tim Pryor  10. #88 Roger Young  11. #1 Chopper
Rice  12. #6 Skylar Delaney  (DNS) #34B Jeff York

Street Stocks:  1. #K37 Drew Kennedy  2. #84 Jason Savage  3. #46 Cody Rector  4. #11
Scotty Vaupel  5. #55 Duke Lowe  6. #84T Justin Turner  (DNS) #77V Brian Vaughn

Stock Trucks:  1. #25 Jeff Proffitt  2. #T91 Nick Adams  3. #5 Paula Tarantino

Hornets:  1. #01 Kane Pelfrey  2. #717 Amelia McClain  3. #151 Michael Conley  4. #5K
Kealey Lowe  5. #57 Stephen Conley  6. #25JR George Willis  7. #C4 Eddie Brown  8.
#A93 Nathan Adams  (DNS) #B14 Debbie Singleton  (DNS) #85 Derek Duggan

Legends:  1. #97 Zack Dunsmore  2. #8 Jacob Owens  3. #42 Joseph Underwood  4. #13
Ty Bowman  5. #26 Tommy Fitzgerald  6. #18 Jim Bourke

Dwarfs:  1. #65 Joseph Underwood  2. #7 Shawn Thomas  3. #07 Larry Garrison  4.
#R22 Dwayne Allen  5. #2 Cody Garrison

Jr. Hornets:  1. #85 Dylan Duggan  2. #17 Carlie Mullinax  3. #25JR Colten Akins  4.
#L94 Lukas Presley