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Crossville, TN (July 20th, 2013) - Saturday night was race night for Crossville Raceway. With a good field of cars in the pits, it looked like it was
gonna be a good night of racing action. Crossville Raceway did a fabulous thing Saturday night as they helped out an eleven year-old boy
named Caleb Rogers. Caleb has Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). During intermission drivers and track workers with helmets and buckets took
donations from the fans. Over $1,000 was raised for young Caleb, Brian Selby the winner of the Street Stock class along with Micheal and
Stephen of the Hornet class donated their winnings for the night to this great cause.

In Late Model qualifying #90 Mark Martin blistered the track with a season low 12.90 lap. Second quickest was #10 Chris Wilson with a lap of
13.11. In the heat races Martin and Wilson took the wins. At the start of the feature, before a lap was completed several cars got together
down the front straightaway. Points leader #77 Perry Delaney was a part of this crash, sending him to the pits and ending his night. At the start
Martin took the lead with Wilson running a close second. On lap 2 Wilson took the lead putting Martin back to second. Running third was #25
Lynn Selby, fourth was #5C Troy Davenport, and fifth #5 Todd Spivey. On lap 13 Martin powered by Wilson on a restart. Also on lap 13 Lynn
Selby went to the pits ending his night. On lap 14 Spivey slowed on the track, after getting together with Davenport. This sent Spivey to the
pits for the rest of the race. Martin extended his lead as he 3-peated at Crossville this year. Martin has competed in three races this year and
has won all three. Wilson finished second, Davenport was third, #28 Patrick Duggan was fourth, and #25 Jeff Walker rounded out the top five.

The Street Stocks and Stock Trucks were combined on this night due to a low car count in the Stock Truck class. When the checkered flag
flew it was #9 Brian Selby taking his fifth win of the year. #7 Dwayne Jones finished second, #11 Scott Vaupel was third, Tony Wilson took his
#7 machine to fourth, and #14 Michael Cook rounded out the top five. Vaupel and Selby won the heat races.

In the Hornet class #717 Amelia McClain took the lead. #151 Michael Conley and #16R Robert Stone put pressure on her for the lead. On lap 5
Stone and #C4 Eddie Brown got together. Stone wasn't real happy as he dealt his frustration on Brown. Stone's night was over while Brown
was still in the race. On lap 7 Michael Conley passed McClain for the lead. Michael Conley ran a great race and he picked up his first win of
the year. McClain was second, #57 Stephen Conley was third, #18 Jim Johnson fourth, and rounding out the top five was #85 Derik Duggan.
Michael Conley and McClain won the heat races.

The Dwarfs saw #65 Joseph Underwood return to victory lane. Second place was #15 Michael Wood, third was #7 Shaun Thomas, #T65 Todd
Spivey finished in the fourth position, and #P22 Jonathan Allen rounded out the top five. Underwood won the heat race.

In the Jr. Hornet class #25JR Colten Akins took the lead at the start followed by #17 Carlie Mullinax. On lap 8 Mullinax got passed for second
by #85 Dylan Duggan. Akins finished in first, Duggan second, and Mullinax was third. Mullinax won the heat race.

Next week Crossville Raceway will host the Breast Cancer Awareness Race. So come on out, cheer for your favorite drivers, and help us try
to make a difference. For more info check out the website at

Late Models:  1. #90 Mark Martin  2. #10 Chris Wilson  3. #5C Troy Davenport  4. #28 Patrick Duggan  5. #25 Jeff Walker  6. #76 Trent Mullinax  7.
#12 Jeremy Holtzclaw  8. #25 Lynn Selby  9. #5 Todd Spivey  10. #28 Todd Clark  11. #3R Robert Edwards  12. #20 Mike Selby  13. #5M Scott
Shelton  14. #77 Perry Delaney

Street Stocks/Stock Trucks:  1. #9 Brian Selby  2. #7 Dwayne Jones  3. #Scott Vaupel  4. #7 Tony Wilson  5. #14 Michael Cook  6. #4 Shane
Hancock  7. #01 Jeremy Davis  8. #84 Jason Savage  (DNS) #20 David Upton  (DNS) #25 Jeff Proffitt  (DNS) #77V Brian Vaughn

Hornets:  1. #151 Michael Conley  2. #717 Amelia McClain  3. #57 Stephen Conley  4. #18 Jim Johnson  5. #85 Derik Duggan  6. #25JR George
Willis  7. #16R Robert Stone  8. #C4 Eddie Brown  9. #01 Kane Pelfrey

Dwarfs:  1. #65 Joseph Underwood  2. #15 Michael Wood  3. #7 Shaun Thomas  4. #T65 Todd Spivey  5. #P22 Jonathan Allen  6. #2 Cody
Garrison  7. #R22 Dwayne Allen

Jr. Hornets:  1. #25JR Colten Akins  2. #85 Dylan Duggan  3. #17 Carlie Mullinax  (DNS) #77 Cameron Dixon
Martin 3-Peats at Crossville Raceway
By: Brooklyn Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery