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Mullinax Wins Her Third
Feature of the Year

By: Brooklyn Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery

Crossville, TN (June 29th 2013) – Before the races started on this day, Maynard and
Sons petting zoo, from Cookeville, was on hand for a treat to numerous children, and
adults alike.

In the racing circle around Crossville Raceway, when you hear the name Mullinax you
think of Late Model driver Trent Mullinax, who is no stranger to victory lane. With
Trent being out of action for most of this season due to engine problems, there is
another Mullinax upholding the family name in his absence. Trent’s daughter #17
Carlie Mullinax, a 13 year old, has posted 3 wins already this season, in the Jr.Hornet
Class. On this night of racing action, Carlie took home the heat race win and won the
feature. #77 Cameron Dixon finished second.

In the Legend Class, youth is running wild also, as #97 Zack Dunsmore, who is 15
years old, won his third feature race in a row. #18 Jim Bourke finished second, #10
Brian Bourke was third, #32 Tommy Fitzgerald fourth, and #8 Jacob Owens rounded
out the field in fifth. Dunsmore also won the heat race.

The Dwarf Class had an interesting race on this night. #P22 Jonathan Allen took the
lead at the start, and appeared to be on his way to an easy win. However on a lap 17
caution, the leader pulled into the outer pits. Jonathan Allen would return to the track
but would be in the rear of the field. This turned the lead over to #R22 Dwayne Allen,
and he would lead the remaining three laps for the win. #65 Joseph Underwood
finished second, Jonathan Allen was third, and #T65 Todd Spivey finished fourth.
Jonathan Allen won the heat race.

In the Street Stock Class, #9 Brian Selby took home the win. #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr.
was second and #4 Shane Hancock finished third. Selby won the heat race.

The Stock Trucks was in action this week, and the night belonged to #25 Jeff Proffitt,
who won the heat race and the feature. Second went to #14 Michael Cook and third
was #5 Paula Tarantino. Cook and Tarantino have never been in a car before.

The rain came and put a halt to the remaining 3 classes of cars. Those classes will be
running double features next week (July 6th). Those classes include Late Models,
Hornets, and Chevettes. In Late Models #77 Perry Delaney was fast qualifier with a lap
of 13.13. The heat races were won by Delaney and #4X Joe Cline. Those two will start
on the front row when the 25-lap make-up race takes place next week. The Hornet
Class saw #N90 Nick Adams and #16R Robert Stone win the two heat races to put
themselves on the front row for next week make-up feature. The Chevettes had #10
Stephen Fields win the heat race and #2Q Jason Qualls finished second so both of
those cars will start on the front row for next weeks make-up feature.

So remember next week we will have the Late Models, Hornets, and Chevettes
running double features along with the second round of the Crossville Legend's
Shootout Sponsored by Fitzgerald Glider Kits. Check out our website for more details
about racing action scheduled for next week.www.crossvilleraceway.net

Crossville Raceway Results


Street Stocks:  1. #9 Brian Selby 2. #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr. 3. #4 Shane Hancock

Stock Trucks:  1. #25 Jeff Proffitt 2. #14 Michael Cook 3. #5 Paula Tarantino

Legends:  1. #97 Zack Dunsmore 2. #18 Jim Bourke 3. #10 Brian Bourke 4. #32 Tommy
Fitzgerald 5. #8 Jacob Owens

Dwarfs:  1. #R22 Dwayne Allen 2. #65 Joseph Underwood 3. #P22 Jonathan Allen 4.
#T65 Todd Spivey

Jr. Hornets:  1. #17 Carlie Mullinax 2. #77 Cameron Dixon

Late Models:  Rained Out-Double Features Next Week

Hornets:  Rained Out-Double Features Next Week

Chevettes:  Rained Out-Double Features Next Week