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June 15th, 2013
Martin Makes It Two for Two
By: Brooklyn Montgomery
Thomas Montgomery

Crossville, TN (June 15th, 2013) – Crossville Raceway was in action on this beautiful Saturday.
The Late Models were racing for an increased purse on this night, and in qualifying it was #77
Perry Delaney 13.44. Second was #5C Troy Davenport with a lap of 13.53. Two heat races were
ran and in heat #1 #90 Mark Martin took the win, followed by Delaney and #5M Scott Shelton. Heat
#2 saw #17 Jacob Grizzle take the win followed by #25 Lynn Selby and Davenport.

The 25-lap feature started with Martin powering into the lead followed by Grizzle and Delaney. On
lap 9 #95 Brandon Williams took over sixth from Davenport. On the same lap #00 Ruben Mayfield
took over ninth from #45 Doug Smith. Shelton grabbed fourth away from Selby on lap 13. Grizzle
closed in on Martin, but Martin was able to hold him off. Lap 15 saw Mayfield slide by Davenport for
seventh. Upfront Martin held off a couple of charges by Grizzle to take his second win in a row.
Grizzle was second, Delaney third, Shelton fourth, and Selby rounded out the top five.

In the Street Stock division #77V Brian Vaughn grabbed the lead at the start. He would hold onto
the lead for the duration of the race. #4 Shane Hancock finished second and #74 Justin Turner
was third. Hancock also won the heat race.

The Hornet class saw #151 Michael Conley take the lead at the start of the feature. On lap 4 #16R
Robert Stone took the lead from Conley. On lap 5 #46 Cody Rector got by Conley for second. On
lap 17 #57 Stephen Conley took over third, #717 Amelia McClain was fourth and #K33 Kelli Barnes
was in fifth. Stone and Rector waged a battle for the lead with both drivers taking over the top
position. In the end the two veteran drivers finished side by side with Stone winning by just
inches. Rector finished second, Stephen Conley was third, McClain was fourth, and Barnes
rounded out the top five. The first heat race was won by Conley and the second was Stone.

In the Dwarfs/Legends class #97 Zack Dunsmore grabbed the lead at the start. On lap 4 #32
Tommy Fitzgerald grabbed second from #18 Jim Bourke. Dunsmore held on to his lead for the rest
of the race. Fitzgerald was second, #T65 Todd Spivey finished third, and Bourke fourth. Dunsmore
also won the heat race.

The Chevette class returned to Crossville Raceway with a good turnout of cars. As the green flag
dropped #10 Jason Qualls jumped into the lead followed by #8 Ronnie Choate Jr. On lap 13 Qualls
had mechanical trouble forcing him to come to a stop on the race track. This gave the lead to
Choate Jr., and he went on to lead the remaining laps to pick up the win. Second went to #34
Dustin Benton, third was #2Q Todd Spivey, fourth was #36 Brian Alley, rounding out the top five
was Qualls. Finishing sixth was #71 Joe Adkins, who is 67 years old and the first time he has ran
competitive laps in three decades. The heat races were won by Choate Jr. and Qualls.

In the Jr. Hornets class #25JR Colten Akins took the lead at the start. Throughout the race Akins
would extend his lead. The three ladies gave it all they could but couldn’t catch Akins on this night.
As he won his first ever feature. #77 Makenzi Delaney was in second and a hard charging #17
Carlie Mullinax finished a close third, and #55 Alex Woody was fourth. Akins won the heat race.

At the track next week the Gary Parsons Memorial Hornet Race will take place along with the
remaining classes for an exciting night of racing action.

Crossville Raceway Results
Late Models:  1. #90 Mark Martin  2. #17 Jacob Grizzle  3. #77 Perry Delaney  4. #5M Scott Shelton  
5. #25 Lynn Selby  6. #95 Brandon Williams  7. #00 Ruben Mayfield  8. #5C Troy Davenport  9. #84
Buddy Knox  10. #45 Doug Smith  11. #13 Jim Bolen  12. #66 Deke Waters  13. #28 Todd Clark  
(DNS) #20 Mike Selby

Street Stocks:  1. #77V Brian Vaughn  2. #4 Shane Hancock  3. #74 Justin Turner  (DNS) #84
Shane Turner

Legends:  1. #97 Zack Dunsmore  2. #32 Tommy Fitzgerald  3. #T65 Todd Spivey  4. #18 Jim
Bourke  Legends and Dwarfs combined...

Hornets:  1. #16R Robert Stone  2. #46 Cody Rector  3. #57 Stephen Conley  4. #717 Amelia
McClain  5. #K33 Kelli Barnes  6. #18 Jim Johnson  7. #17 Trent Mullinax  8. #55 Will Woody  9.
#151 Michael Conley  10. #01 Kane Pelfrey  11. #25JR George Willis  (DNS) #1 Matthew Sullivan

Chevettes:  1. #8 Ronnie Choate Jr.  2. #34 Dustin Benton  3. #2Q Todd Spivey  4. #36 Brian Alley  
5. #10 Jason Qualls  6. #71 Joe Adkins  7. #15 Tony Lewis  8. #6 Skylar Delaney  (DNS) #5
Jonathan Dicken

Jr. Hornets:  1. #25JR Colten Akins  2. #77 Makenzi Delaney  3. #17 Carlie Mullinax  4. #55 Alex