Martin wins third of the season

Crossville, TN (September 22nd) Crossville Raceway was in action once again on Saturday night, and in Late Model qualifying it was #77 Perry Delaney setting fast time for the seventh time this year with a lap of 13.18 around the historic 1/3 mile clay oval. The Top Six Hoosier Fast Car Dash was won by #90 Mark Martin, with Delaney finishing in second, and #17 Brett Wyatt rounding out the top three. In the Late Model heat race #1 it was #84 Buddy Knox taking the top spot, with #5M Scott Shelton finishing in second, and #75 Shannon Elrod rounding out the top three. The second Late Model heat race saw #4X Joe Cline take the win, with #12T Dan Tipton finishing in second, and #22 Jaylon Shannon rounding out the top three.

The 30-lap feature saw Delaney grab the lead at the start, with Martin and Wyatt running second and third. Lap 4 saw Knox take over fourth from #00 Ruben Mayfield. Martin started putting pressure on Delaney for the the lead on lap 5. Martin took the top spot from Delaney on lap 9. On lap 14, Knox took over third. Lap 18 saw Wyatt take back third away from Knox. Mayfield got by Knox for fourth a lap later. On lap 21, Mayfield moved into third. Lap 22 saw Cline take over fourth. Delaney made one last ditch effort to get by Martin for the lead, but Martin thwarted off the challenge to pick up his third win of the year. Delaney finished in second, Mayfield was third, Cline fourth, Knox fifth, #8 Trent Mullinax finished sixth, Wyatt was seventh, #17J Creed Jackson eighth, #34 Freddy Simpson ninth, and #5C Troy Davenport rounded out the top ten.

In Street Stock action, it was #12 Derek Diden and #48 Reagan Williams winning the heat races. Williams took the lead on the first lap with Diden running second. On lap 2, #28 Brian Vaughn took over third from #K37 Dwayne Hutcherson. Lap 3 saw Vaughn slip by Diden for second. On a lap 4 restart, Vaughn spun and brought out a caution. On lap 5 Diden took his ride to the pits. Williams continued to lead, with #3 Robby Johnson in second, and #9 John Ross in third. Ross got by Johnson on lap 8, but on the white flag lap, Ross went to the pits. Coming home to take the checkers was Williams, with Johnson finishing in second, #06 Westley Lester was third, #155 Eric Griffith fourth, and Ross rounded out the top five.

The Front Runner class had some great action on this night, and it all started with L92 Lukas Presley and #N90 Nick Adams winning the heat races. The feature saw Nick Adams slide into the lead, with #7 Daniel Sizemore running in second and Presley was rounding out the top three. Presley got by Sizemore for second on lap 2. Lap 5 saw Presley take the lead. Presley slowed on the track on lap 6, bringing out a caution. Presley went to the outer pits and returned before the race restarted. Nick Adams was the leader, with #A93 Nathan Adams in second and #57 Stephen Conley rounding out the top three. On a lap 9 restart, Sizemore took over third from Conley. Sizemore took the lead on lap 11. Presley moved into second on lap 14, as he got by both of the Adams. Presley immediately began challenging Sizemore for the lead. Lap 15 saw Presley take the lead, only to see Sizemore retake the lead on lap 16. Presley began to have car problems and slipped back in the field. Sizemore led the remaining 4 laps to take the win. Nick Adams finished in second, Nathan Adams was third, Conley fourth, and Presley rounded out the top five.

In the Jr. Hornet class #01 Kane Pelfrey won the heat race to put himself on the pole for the feature. In the 10-lap feature Pelrey powered into the lead at the start, and lead all the way to take his 9th win of the year. #5K Kealey Lowe finished second, #25JR Colton Atkins was third, and #17 Carlie Mullinax finished in fourth.

The Dwarf class saw #1 Tim Cobble capture the heat win. Cobble grabbed the lead at the start of the feature, however #12 Terry Coleman took the lead from Cobble on lap 2. Coleman led throughout the race, as he took home the feature win. Cobble was second, #22 Dwayne Allen finished third, #0 Eddie Jenkins fourth, and #28 Paul Garrett finished in fifth.

In the Legend class #95 Tommy Fitzgerald won the heat race. In the feature race #32 Chris Shockley took the lead for good on lap 15, as he went on to take the win. #4 Vince Hamwright finished second, Tommy Fitzgerald was third, and #61 Lisa Fitzgerald finished in fourth.

The Mini Sprints was a special attraction, as they were running the first annual Fall Brawl. In the heat race it was #2 Warren Frye Jr. taking the win. In the feature Frye Jr. took the lead from #28 Austin Quick on lap 3, and cruised the remaining 17 laps to take the win. #6 Sean Hosey finished second, Quick was third, #11 Don Kuthcart was fourth, and #3 Warren Frye III rounded out the top five.

Late Models: 1. #90 Mark Martin 2. #77 Perry Delaney 3. #00 Ruben Mayfield 4. #4X Joe Cline 5. #84 Buddy Knox 6. #8 Trent Mullinax 7. #17 Brett Wyatt 8. #34 Freddy Simpson 9. #17J Creed Jackson 10. #5C Troy Davenport 11. #22 Jaylon Shannon 12. #20 Mike Selby 13. #5M Scott Shelton 14. #76 Jeff Walker 15. #75 Shannon Elrod 16. #12T Dan Tipton (DNS) #16 Ben Sexton

Street Stocks: 1. #48 Reagan Williams 2. #3 Robby Johnson 3. #06 Westley Lester 4. #155 Eric Griffith 5. #9 John Ross 6. #12 Derek Diden 7. #28 Brian Vaughn 8. #K37 Dwayne Hutcherson

Front Runners: 1. #7 Daniel Sizemore 2. #N90 Nick Adams 3. #93 Nathan Adams 4. #57 Stephen Conley 5.#L92 Lucas Presley 6. #01 Marvin Pelfrey 7. #3 Matthew Sullivan 8. #25JR George Willis 9. #151 Michael Conley

Junior Hornets: 1. #01 Kane Pelfrey 2. #5K Kealey Lowe 3. #25JR Colten Atkins 4. #17 Carlie Mullinax

Dwarfs: 1. #12 Terry Coleman 2. #1 Tim Cobble 3. #22 Dwayne Allen 4. #0 Eddie Jenkins 5. #28 Paul Garrett (DNS) #07 Joseph Underwood

Legends: 1. #32 Chris Shockley 2. #4 Vince Hamwright 3. #95 Tommy Fitzgerald 4. #61 Lisa Fitzgerald

Mini Sprints: 1. #2 Warren Frye JR. 2. #6 Sean Hosey 3. #28 Austin Quick 4. #3 Warren Frye III 5. #11 Don Kithcart (DNS) #9 Tyler Price