Wyatt grabs first win

Crossville, TN (September 15th) – After raining out the two previous weeks, Crossville Raceway roared back to life with some great racing action.

In Late Model qualifying, it was #90 Mark Martin setting fast time. However Martin’s tires were determined to be too soft and thus his time was disqualified. This meant that #77 Perry Delaney was the fast qualifier with a lap of 12.94. Delaney’s time is the fastest qualifying lap recorded this year, and it is the 6th time he has been the fastest qualifier this year. Delaney rolled a three, meaning the top three cars will be inverted in the 6-car Fast Car Dash. The Fast Car Dash saw #4X Joe Cline take the win, with #17 Brett Wyatt finishing in second and #76 Fred Flatt rounding out the top three. In the heat race, it was Martin coming out victorious. #112 Dustin Diden finished in second and #5C Troy Davenport rounded out the top three.

The 30-lap Late Model feature saw Wyatt jump into the lead followed by Cline in second and Delaney in third. On lap two, Diden took over sixth from #5M Scott Shelton. Shelton would return the favor and slip past Diden a couple of laps later. Lap eight saw Martin get by Diden for seventh. On lap nineteen Martin would move into sixth as he got past Shelton. Martin would continue his move forward as he got by #8 Trent Mullinax for fifth on lap twenty-one. Delaney would go around Cline for second on lap twenty-nine. At the end Wyatt had a comfortable lead and he took his first win of the year. Delaney was second, Cline was third, Flatt fourth, and Martin rounded out the top five. Rounding out the top ten was Mullinax, Shelton, Diden, Davenport, and #17J Creed Jackson.

In A-Hobby’s, it was #20 Mike Selby sweeping the nights events as he picked up both the heat race and the feature race. The win is Selby’s 7th win of the year at the track. #2 Mike Selby finished second and #5 John Dicken was third.

The Street Stock class saw #28 Brian Vaughn and #12 Derek Diden win the heat races. In the feature Vaughn fought off all challengers for his second win of the year. #83 Jeff Savage finished in second, #77 Ray Jarnigan was third, Diden finished fourth, and #18 Greg Abston rounded out the top five.

In the Front Runner class #46 Cody Rector took the heat race win. Rector jumped into the lead at the start of the 20-lap feature, with #93 Nathan Adams in second and #57 Stephen Conley in third. On lap two #7 Brian Larson moved around Conley for third. On lap three #3 Matthew Sullivan passed his way into fifth. On lap four Larson got by Adams for second. On lap ten a caution came out for Larson, putting him to the rear of the field. This put Adams back to second. Lap twelve saw Larson move back into third. Up front Rector took his fourth win of the year. Adams finished second, Larson was third, Conley was fourth, and #25JR George Willis rounded out the top five.

The Jr. Hornets saw #01 Kane Pelfrey win another heat race. Pelfrey took the lead at the start of the ten lap feature. #5K Kealey Lowe was running in second and #17 Carlie Mullinax was third. Lowe began challenging Pelfrey and on lap five her intensity paid off as she took over the lead from Pelfrey. Lap six saw Pelfrey bring out a caution with a flat tire. Pelfrey would get the tire changed and restart on the back of the field. On lap seven Pelfrey got by Mullinax for second, but couldn’t get close enough to Lowe to challenge for the lead. Mullinax finished third, #25JR Colten Akins was fourth, and #K46 Kenzie Kirkland rounded out the top five.

The Dwarf cars were once again at Crossville Raceway. #07 Joseph Underwood took home the heat race win. Underwood took the lead at the start of the feature, and extended his lead throughout the race as he picked up the win. #15 Michael Wood finished second, #1 Tim Cobble was third, #7 Shawn Thomas was fourth, #22 Jonathan Allen was fifth, and #0 Jamie James was sixth, and #28 Paul Garrett was seventh.

In the Legends class #32 Robert Fitzgerald made a last lap pass to take home the win in the feature. Second was #95 Tommy Fitzgerald, third was #61 Lisa Fitzgerald, and fourth was #4 Vince Hamright. Tommy Fitzgerald won the heat race.

Don’t forget that next week is the Fall Brawl for the Mini Sprints. All other classes are scheduled to be in action as well. For more information, check out the website at www.crossvilleraceway.net

Late Models: 1. #17 Brett Wyatt 2. #77 Perry Delaney 3. #4X Joe Cline 4. #76 Fred Flatt 5. #90 Mark Martin 6. #8 Trent Mullinax 7. #5M Scott Shelton 8. #112 Dustin Diden 9. #5C Troy Davenport 10. #17J Creed Jackson 11. #25 Lynn Selby

A-Hobbys: 1. #20 Mike Selby 2. #2 Mike Selby 3. #5 John Dicken

Street Stocks: 1. #28 Brian Vaughn 2. #83 Jeff Savage 3. #77 Ray Jarnigan 4. #12 Derek Diden 5. #18 Greg Abston (DNS). #7 Jason Savage (DNS) #11 Scott Vaupel (DNS) #4 Shane Hancock

Front Runners: 1. #46 Cody Rector 2. #93 Nathan Adams 3. #7 Brian Larson 4. #57 Stephen Conley 5. #25JR George Willis 6. #3 Matthew Sullivan 7. #151 Michael Conley

Junior Hornets: 1. #5K Kealey Lowe 2. #01 Kane Pelfrey 3. #17 Carlie Mullinax 4. #25JR Colten Akins 5. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland (DNS) #46X Trent Mackie

Dwarfs: 1. #07 Joseph Underwood 2. #15 Michael Wood 3. #1 Tim Cobble 4. #7 Shawn Thomas 5. #22 Jonathan Allen 6. #0 Jamie Jones 7. #28 Paul Garrett

Legends: 1. #32 Robert Fitzgerald 2. #95 Tommy Fitzgerald 3. #61 Lisa Fitzgerald 4. #4 Vince Hamright