Shelton takes first win of 2012

Crossville, TN (August 25th) Another beautiful Saturday afternoon welcomed the sound of motors revving and the smell of racing fuel at the historical 1/3 mile clay oval.

The Late Model class saw #77 Perry Delaney set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 13.22. Delaney then rolled a 5 meaning that the top 5 cars would be inverted in the Dash. In the Late Model Fast Car Dash, #16 Mike Weeks took the win to start the feature on the pole. #8 Trent Mullinax finished in second and #4X Joe Cline rounded out the top 3. The Late Model heat race saw #5M Scott Shelton take the win, with #17 Andy Miller finishing second and #5C Troy Davenport rounding out the top 3.

In the 30-lap feature, Weeks took the lead at the start. Cline was running second, Mullinax was third, Delaney fourth, and #76 Fred Flatt was in fifth. On lap 2, Cline took the lead from Weeks. On the same lap Delaney raced into third. Shelton moved into sixth on lap 3. Lap 4 saw Mullinax get by Weeks and Delaney as he took over second. Delaney moved past Weeks for third. Also on lap five, Shelton went to the bottom of the track and found his way to fifth. Lap 6 saw Shelton get by weeks for fourth. Flatt would get by Weeks for fifth on lap 7. Delaney moved into second as he got by Mullinax on lap 10. Shelton diced his way into third on lap 17. Shelton continued his move forward, as he got by Delaney on lap 19. On lap 21, Shelton took the top spot with a pass around Cline. Shelton continued his impressive run as he led the remaining laps and pulled away for the win. It was the first win of the year for Shelton. Cline finished second, Delaney was third, Flatt fourth, and Mullinax rounded out the top five. Rounding out the top ten was Miller, #25 Lynn Selby, Weeks, Davenport, and #17J Creed Jackson.

The A-Hobby class saw #20 Mike Selby win both the heat race and the feature as he captured his 6th win of the season, as he led from start to finish in the 20-lap feature. #28 Brian Vaughn rebounded from an early spin in the feature to finish second, #21 Daniel Young was third, #9 John Ross finished fourth, and #7R Rusty Caraway rounded out the field in fifth.

In the Front Runners, #92 Nick Adams and #L92 Lukas Presley won the heat races. In the feature, #7 Brian Larson jumped into the early lead with Presley and Adams battling for second and third. On lap 2 Presley went to the outer pits with a flat tire (he would get the tire changed and get back on the track only to be a lap down). This moved #57 Stephen Conley into third and #92 Todd Spivey into fourth. On lap 6 Spivey, who was running the extreme bottom of the track, would get by Conley for third. Spivey would continue his climb to the front as he got by Adams for second on lap 10. Spivey began pressuring Larson for the lead. On lap 17 Spivey took the lead as Larson slowed on the track. Spivey would go on and lead the remaining 3 laps and pick up his 4th win of the year. Adams finished second, Conley was third, #25JR George Willis fourth, and Presley rounded out the top five.

The Jr. Hornets saw a new face in victory lane, as #5K Kealey Lowe took the win after taking over the lead on lap 5. #17 Carlie Mullinax finished second and #25JR Colton Akins was third. Mullinax won the heat race.

The Dwarf cars made another appearance at the track on this night. #1 Tim Cobble came out the winner in the heat race and the feature. #07 Joseph Underwood finished second in the feature and #22 Dwayne Allen finished third.

Late Models: 1. #5M Scott Shelton 2. #4X Joe Cline 3. #77 Perry Delaney 4. #76 Fred Flatt 5. #8 Trent Mullinax 6. #17 Andy Miller 7. #25 Lynn Selby 8. #16 Mike Weeks 9. #5C Troy Davenport 10. #17J Creed Jackson 11. #J37 Jack Conley 12. #58 Kenny Cobble

A-Hobby & Street Stocks: 1. #20 Mike Selby 2. #28 Brian Vaughn 3. #21 Daniel Young 4. #9 John Ross 5. #7R Rusty Caraway

Front Runners: 1. #92 Todd Spivey 2. #92 Nick Adams 3. #57 Stephen Conley 4. 25JR George Willis 5. #L92 Lukas Prelsey 6. #7 Brian Larson 7. #C4 Eddie Brown (DNS) #01 Kane Pelfrey

Junior Hornets: 1. #5K Kealey Lowe 2. #17 Carlie Mullinax 3. #25JR Coltin Akins

Dwarfs: 1. #1 Tim Cobble 2. #07 Joseph Underwood 3. #22 Dwayne Allen