Cline gets much needed win

Crossville, TN (August 18th) Crossville Raceway opened the gates once again this past Saturday night. With seven classes in action it was sure to be a great night of racing action.

In the Late Models it was #77 Perry Delaney setting fast time with a lap of 13.26. #90 Mark Martin turned in the second quick time of 13.28. In the dash #117 Jake Teague took the win followed by #84 Buddy Knox and Martin rounding out the top three. The Late Model heat race saw #8 Trent Mullinax take the win followed by #76 Fred Flatt and #5C Troy Davenport rounding out the top three.

In the 30-lap Late Model feature, Teague took the lead at the start, followed by Knox and Martin. On lap two Martin moved past Knox for second. #4X Joe Cline moved into third on lap six. On lap nine Cline got past Martin for second. On lap ten Delaney was running in fourth and #5M Scott Shelton was running fifth. Cline continued his march to the front as he powered past Teague for the lead. Cline extended his lead throughout the feature, and ked the remaining fifteen laps to pick up his first win of the year. Teague finished a distant second, Martin was third, Delaney fourth, and Shelton finished fifth. Rounding out the top ten was Flatt, Mullinax, #58 Kenny Cobble, Davenport, and #17J Creed Jackson.

The Front Runner class saw #93 Nathan Adams take the first heat race win and #46 Cody Rector win the second heat race. In the 20-lap feature

Nathan Adams moved into the lead, with #92 Nick Adams in second and #T91 Tim Adams in third. Lap three saw #L92 Lukas Presley move into third. Lap five saw Rector move into the fourth position. One lap later Rector moved into second. On lap seven #3X Aaron Ashcraft found his way into third. Rector took the lead on lap fourteen, and led the remaining laps to pick up the win. HOWEVER after post race inspections Rector, Nathan Adams, and Ashcraft were all disqualified. This gave the win to Tim Adams, with second going to Presley, #25JR George Willis finished third, #57 Michael Conley fourth, and Nick Adams rounded out the top five.

In Street Stocks #28 Brian Vaughn swept the nights events as he took the win in both the heat race and the feature. #84 Jason Savage finished second, #9 John Ross was third, #77 Ray Jarnigan fourth, and #7T Taylor Sutton rounded out the top five.

The A-Hobby class was in action on this night, it was #20 Mike Selby winning the heat race and picking up his 5th feature win of the year. Coming in second was #1 Joey Whittenburg, #1 Nick Peterson finished third, and #7R Rusty Caraway rounded out the field.

The Jr. Hornet class saw #17 Carlie Mullinax take the heat race win. The 10-lap feature started with Mullinax moving into the lead, followed by #01 Kane Pelfrey and #5K Kealey Lowe. On lap two Pelfrey sped into the lead ahead of Mullinax, who also lost second to Lowe. As the laps clicked off it was apparent that Pelfrey was the class of the field. Pelfrey would go on to win his eighth victory of the year. Lowe was second, Mullinax third, #K46 Kenzie Kirkland was fourth, and #25JR Colten Akins was fifth.

The Dwarf cars were on the race schedule on this night, and in the first heat race it was #15 Mike Wood taking the win. #16 Bubba Prosser took home the win in heat race two. The 20-lap feature saw Wood take the lead with #57 Jerry Haywood and #07 Joseph Underwood in pursuit. On lap two Prosser moved into fifth. Lap three saw #00 Mike Reed slide into second. On lap four Underwood moved into second. Prosser moved into third on lap seven. On lap ten #56 Hunter Sanders found himself in fifth place, two laps later Sanders moved into fourth. On lap seventeen Underwood jumped into the lead. Prosser took the lead on lap nineteen and held on for the win. Underwood finished second, Sanders was third, #22 Jeff Smith fourth, and Wood finished fifth.

Late Models: 1. #4X Joe Cline 2. #117 Jake Teague 3. #90 Mark Martin 4. #77 Perry Delaney 5. #5M Scott Shelton 6. #76 Fred Flatt 7. #8 Trent Mullinax 8. #58 Kenny Cobble 9. #5C Troy Davenport 10. #17J Creed Jackson 11. #30 Ted Lowe 12. #84 Buddy Knox 13. #17 Andy Miller

A-Hobbys: 1. #20 Mike Selby 2. #1 Joey Whittenburg 3. #1 Nick Peterson 4. #7R Rusty Caraway

Street Stocks: 1. #28 Brian Vaughn 2. #84 Jason Savage 3. #9 John Ross 4. #77 Ray Jarnigan 5. #7T Taylor Sutton 6. #2 Dennis Grabble

Front Runners: 1. #T91 Tim Adams 2. #L92 Lukas Presley 3. #25JR George Willis 4. #57 Michael Conley 5. #92 Nick Adams DQ: #46 Cody Rector DQ: #93 Nathan Adams DQ: #3X Aaron Ashcraft

Junior Hornets: 1. #01 Kane Pelfrey 2. #5K Kealey Lowe 3. #17 Carlie Mullinax 4. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland 5. #25JR Colten Akins

Dwarfs: 1. #16 Bubba Prosser 2. #07 Joseph Underwood 3. #56 Hunter Sanders 4. #22 Jeff Smith 5. #15 Mike Wood 6. #1 Tim Cobble 7. #22A Dwayne Allen 8. #37 Matt Reed 9. #72 Troy Taylor 10. #57 Jerry Haywood 11. #47 Dave Jurrist 12. #00 Mike Reed (DNS) #17 Paul Garrett

Legends: 1. #1 No Name 2. #61 No Name 3. #95 No Name