Wilson wins with strong run

Crossville, TN (August 4th) – There was a special treat for the race fans on this night as the 600cc Mini Sprints put on a 10-lap exhibition race. After an entertaining event #6 Sean Hosey was the winner. #9 Tyler Price finished in second and #11 Don Kithcart was third. Crossville Raceway is planning on adding this class to its regular racing program for the 2013 season, so some on out and support this class next season.

In Late Model preliminary action, it was #77 Perry Delaney setting fast time with a lap of 13.38. #17 Brett Wyatt also came in with a 13.38 lap, but since Delaney qualified first then he had the number one spot. Two heat races were raced, and in the first one #10 Chris Wilson was the winner, the second heat race saw #90 Mark Martin take the win.

The 30-lap feature saw Wilson power into the lead at the start, with Martin and Wyatt in pursuit. Lap 2 would see Wyatt get by Martin for second. #8 Trent Mullinax was running in fourth and #4X Joe Cline in fifth. Wilson managed to hold a comfortable lead over Wyatt. On lap 17 Mullinax got by Martin for third. The remaining laps saw Wyatt chip away at Wilson’s lead, BUT Wilson crossed the stripe first, for his 5th win of the year. Wyatt finished second, Mullinax was third, Martin fourth, and Cline rounded out the top five.

In Street Stock action, it was #28 Brian Vaughn taking the heat race win. In the 20-lap feature Vaughn jumped into the lead, followed by #4 Shane Hancock in second, and #84 Jason Savage in third. On lap 3 Savage passed Hancock for second. On lap 9 Vaughn slowed while going down the back stretch. On lap 10 #9 John Ross moved into second by Hancock. Savage however led the remaining laps for his 7th win of the year. Ross finished in second, #77 Ray Jarnigen was third, #2 Dennis Gravel fourth, and Hancock rounded out the top five.

The Front Runners had the most exciting racing of the night. In heat race #1 it was #7 Brian Larson taking the win, and heat race #2 saw #L92 Lucas Presley win. The 20-lap feature saw door to door action throughout. At the beginning it was #A93 Nathan Adams moving into the lead, followed by #46 Cody Rector and #92 Nick Adams. Lap 2 saw #10 Michael Rittenberry capture third. On lap 4, Rector powered into the lead past Adams. Lap 4 saw Rittenberry get by Adams for second. On lap 16, Presley joined into the melee, as he got around Adams for third. On lap 18 an all out battle started with the top three going at it. At the end it was Rector taking his third win of the year. Presley finished in second, Rittenberry was third, Nathan Adams fourth, and Nick Adams rounded out the top five.

In the Jr. Hornets #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr. won the heat race. In the 10-lap feature #17 Carlie Mullinax jumped into the early lead. On lap 2 #A198 Kelly Morton moved from third to first. On lap 3 Hargis Jr. and #01 Kane Pelfrey moved into second and third respectively. Lap 4 saw Pelfrey get by Hargis Jr. for second. On lap 6 Pelfrey scooted into the lead past Morton. Pelfrey held the position till the end as he took the checker flag for the 7th time this year. Morton finished second, #5K Kealey Lowe was third, Mullinax finished fourth, and #K46 Kenzie Kirkland rounded out the top five.

Next week Crossville Raceway will be a regular race program. Check out the website for more info…www.crossvilleraceway.net

Late Models: 1. #10 Chris Wilson 2. #17 Brett Wyatt 3. #8 Trent Mullinax 4. #90 Mark Martin 5. #4X Joe Cline 6. #76 Fred Flatt 7. #77 Perry Delaney 8. #47 Dustin Golden 9. #5M Scott Shelton 10. #17J Lewis Jackson 11. #20 Mike Selby 12. #58 Kenny Cobble

Street Stocks: 1. #84 Jason Savage 2. #9 John Ross 3. #77 Ray Jarnigan 4. #2 Dennis Gravel 5. #4 Shane Hancock 6. #28 Brian Vaughn

Front Runners: 1. #46 Cody Rector 2. #L92 Lucas Presley 3. #10 Michael Rittenberry 4. #A93 Nathan Adams 5. #92 Nick Adams 6. #A198 Jason Griffith 7. #25JR George Willis 8. #52 Kevin Crane 9. #C4 Eddie Brown (DNS) #7 Brian Larson (DNS) #16 Keith Kayler

Junior Hornets: 1. #01 Kane Pelfrey 2. #A198 Kelly Morton 3. #5K Kealey Lowe 4. #17 Carlie Mullinax 5. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland 6. #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr. 7. #25JR Colton Akins

Mini Sprints: 1. #6 Sean Hosey 2. #9 Tyler Price 3. #11 Don Kithcart