Martin returns to victory lane

Crossville, TN (July 28th) – After a rain out last week, the fans of Crossville Raceway returned and was treated to some action packed dirt car action on Saturday night.

There was a special treat for the race fans on this night as the Dwarf cars put on a 10-lap exhibition race. After an entertaining event #07 Joseph Underwood was declared the winner. #22 Dwayne Allen finished in second, #7 Shaun Thomas was third, #17C Brent Jones came in fourth, and #55 Jackson Griffith rounded out the field. #0 Jamie Jones was unable to start the feature. Crossville Raceway is planning on adding the Dwarf class to its regular racing program. Come on out and support this class.

In the Late Model preliminaries it was #10 Chris Wilson laying down a super fast time of 13.00 to set the fast time at that time, UNTIL #77 Perry Delaney got his turn and set the track’s season best lap of 12.98 around the historical 1/3 mile clay oval. #90 Mark Martin was third quick with a lap of 13.20, #00 Ruben Mayfield was fourth quick with a lap 13.26, #84 Buddy Knox was fifth with a lap of 13.30, and #5M Scott Shelton’s lap time of 13.38 was sixth quick. After qualifying Delaney rolled a six on the die, meaning that all of the cars would be inverted for the 6-car Hoosier Dash.

The 26 Late Models that signed in was the put into the Hoosier Dash (for the top six qualifiers), or one of two heat races. The Hoosier Dash was won by Martin, with Knox finishing in second, Wilson was third, Mayfield fourth, Delaney finished fifth, and Shelton rounded out the top five. Two heat races were next on the track as both would see nine cars take the green flag, with only seven transferring into the feature. The first Late Model heat race saw #30 Jerry Coffman take the win, #4X Joe Cline was second, #75 Shannon Elrod third, #76 Fred Flatt was fourth, #31 Kenny Cobble finished fifth, #17J Lewis Jackson sixth, and #5C Troy Davenport finished seventh. Heat race #2 saw #77 Robby Reagan take the win, with #8 Trent Mullinax finishing in second, #17 Andy Miller was third, #5 Jason Capps fourth, #25 Lynn Selby was fifth, #747 Tyler Adams was sixth, and #6X Bruce Davenport finished seventh.

The 30-lap Late Model feature started with Martin powering into the lead with Wilson and Delaney in tow. Mayfield was running in fourth and Coffman found himself in fifth. On lap 7, Cline got by Coffman for fifth. On lap 10 Mayfield got under Delaney for third. Lap 12 saw Mullinax get by Shelton for seventh. Delaney would get by Mayfield for third on lap 14. Reagan got by Mullinax for eighth on lap 17. On lap 22, Shelton got by Coffman for sixth on lap 22. Reagan slipped past Coffman for seventh on lap 24. Up front it was Martin taking the win in just his second visit to the track this year. Wilson finished second, Delaney was third, Mayfield fourth, Cline finished in fifth, Shelton was sixth, Reagan seventh, Mullinax finished in eighth, Flatt was ninth, and Miller rounded out the top ten.

The Street Stock Class saw a new winner in victory lane this week, as #77 Ray Jarrigan was declared the winner after #28 Brian Vaughn was disqualified because of illegal tires. #J7 Clayton Wicks finished in second and #9 John Ross was third.

The A-Hobby’s saw #20 Mike Selby win his fourth race in a row. #1 Joey Whittenburg finished second.

In Front Runner action, #L92 Lucas Presley and #92 Nick Adams won the heat races. In the feature Presley jumped into the lead With Nick Adams stalking him in second. On lap 8 #C4 Eddie Brown began pressuring Adams for the second position. On lap 11 Brown finally overtook Adams for second. Meanwhile, Presley led the way all the way to the checkered flag for his fourth win of the year. Nick Adams finished third behind Brown, #57 Stephen Conley finished in fourth, #A93 Nathan Adams was fifth, and #25JR George Willis was sixth.

The JR Hornets saw #01 Kane Pelfrey pick up his sixth win of the year, as he held off #A198 Kelly Morton, #17 Carlie Mullinax, and #25JR Colten Atkins.

Late Models: 1. #90 Mark Martin 2. #10 Chris Wilson 3. #77 Perry Delaney 4. #00 Ruben Mayfield 5. #4X Joe Cline 6. #5M Scott Shelton 7. #77 Robby Reagan 8. #8 Trent Mullinax 9. #76 Fred Flatt 10. #17 Andy Miller 11. #5 Jason Capps 12. #5C Troy Davenport 13. #30 Jerry Coffman 14. #75 Shannon Elrod 15. #6X Bruce Davenport 16. #747 Tyler Adams 17. #25 Lynn Selby 18. #84 Buddy Knox 19. #17J Lewis Jackson 20. # 31 Kenny Cobble DNS: #G7 Marty Goodman DNS: #R14 Ricky Lewis DNS: #J37 Jack Conley DNS: #1 Cody Brun DNS: #J1 Johnny Phillips DNS: #49 Jeff Walker

A-Hobbys: 1. #20 Mike Selby 2. #1 Joey Whittenburg

Street Stocks: 1. #77 Ray Jarigan 2. #J7 Clayton Wicks 3. #9 John Ross (DQ)#28 Brian Vaughn

Front Runners: 1. #L92 Lucas Presley 2. #C4 Eddie Brown 3. #92 Nick Adams 4. #57 Stephen Conley 5. #A93 Nathan Adams 6. #25JR George Willis (DNS) #3 Matthew Sullivan (DNS) #717 Amelia McClain

Junior Hornets: 1. #01 Kane Pelfrey 2. #A198 Kelly Morton 3. #17 Carlie Mullinax 4. #25JR Colten Akins

Dwarf (Exhibition): 1. #07 Jospeh Underwood 2. #22 Dwayne Allen 3. #7 Shaun Thomas 4. #17C Brent Jones 5. #55 Jackson Griffith (DNS) #0 Jamie Jones