Delaney brings home another win

Crossville, TN (July 14th) Crossville Raceway braved the rainy weather and opened the gates this past Saturday night. The weather moved out in time to get some fast dirt track action in at the historical 1/3 mile clay oval.

In Late Model qualifying, it was #4X Joe Cline setting fast time with a lap of 13.24. #77 Perry Delaney was second quick with a 13.26 lap. Looking at the rest of the top six, it was #95 Brandon Williams with a 13.40, #90 Mark Martin with a lap of 13.642, #5M Scott Shelton with a 13.44, and #5J Jesse Lowe with a lap of 13.48. After qualifying, Cline rolled a four on the dice, meaning the top four cars in the six-car Hoosier Fast Car Dash would be inverted.

In the Late Model Hoosier Dash, Delaney was the winner followed by Williams in second and Martin rounding out the top three. The Late Model heat race #1 saw #77 Robby Reagan take the win, with #48 Andy Picklesimer finishing in second, and #45 Doug Smith rounding out the top three. In the second heat, #8 Trent Mullinax took the win, with #25 Lynn Selby finishing in second, and #75 Shannon rounding out the top three.

Delaney powered into the lead at the start of the 30-lap feature, with Williams and Cline in tow. On lap 10 Reagan powered by Shelton into fourth. Delaney extended his lead throughout the feature. On lap 21 Picklesimer got around Shelton for fifth. The car on the move was Martin, who came from last to a final tally of seventh. Delaney was the class of the field on this night however as he strolled to his fifth win of the season and his third win in the last four races. Williams was second, Cline was third, Reagan fourth, and Picklesimer rounded out the top five.

In the A-Hobby heat race it was #20 Mike Selby taking the heat race win. In the feature it was Selby pouring it on as he won for the third straight week. #1 Joey Whittenburg finished second, #2 Bill Baker was third, and #28 Arville Pittman finished in fourth.

In Street Stock action it was #7 Lee Harbin sweeping the action, as he won the heat race and the feature race. #1 Todd Spivey finished second.

The Front Runners and the Mini Stocks joined forces on this night. Both classes ran separate heat races, and it was #92 Nick Adams winning the Front Runner heat race and #15 Tony Lewis taking home the Mini Stock heat race. The feature saw Adams jump into the lead at the start. Lewis was running in second and #L92 Lucas Presley was in third. On lap 5 Presley got by Lewis for second. Lap 7 saw #A93 Nathan Adams moved around Lewis for third. #46 Cody Presley got by #57 Stephen Conley on lap 13 to move into fifth. Nick Adams would hold on to win his second win of the year. Presley finished in second, Nathan Adams was third, Lewis fourth, and Rector rounded out the top five.

#17 Carlie Mullinax took the win in the Jr. Hornet heat race. Mullinax took the lead at the start of the feature. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland was running in second and #93 Kealey Lowe was in third. On lap 2, Kirkland pulled into the infield pits. Mullinax pulled into the pits a lap later. This would turn the lead over to #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr. On lap 5 #A198 Kelly Morton got by Lowe for second. Hargis would hold onto the lead and win his first race of the year. Morton was second, Lowe was third, #01 Kane Pelfrey fourth, and #25JR Coltin Atkins rounded out the top five.

In the Powder Puff class it was #93 Cindy Lowe winning her second race of the year in a spirited battle. #92 Tracy Elkins was a very close second and #L92 Rebecca Presley finished in third.

Next week (July 21st) is Breast Cancer Awareness week at Crossville Raceway with racing in all divisions.

Late Models: 1. #77 Perry Delaney 2. #95 Brandon Williams 3. #4X Joe Cline 4. #77 Robby Reagan 5. #48 Andy Picklesimer 6. #5M Scott Shelton 7. #90 Mark Martin 8. #8 Trent Mullinax 9. #P7 Matt Stewart 10. #51 Buddy Boles 11. #45 Doug Smith 12. #75 Shannon Elrod 13. #R14 Ricky Lewis 14. #1 Cody Brun 15. # 17J Creed Jackson 16. #5J Jesse Lowe 17. #25 Lynn Selby

A-Hobbys: 1. #20 Mike Selby 2. #1 Joey Whittenburg 3. #2 Bill Baker 4. #28 Arville Pittman

Street Stocks: 1. #7 Lee Harbin 2. #1 Todd Spivey (DNS) #28 Brian Vaughn

Front Runners/ Mini Stock: 1. #92 Nick Adams 2. #L92 Lucas Presley 3. #A93 Nathan Adams 4. #15 Tony Lewis 5. #46 Cody Rector 6. #57 Stephen Conley 7. #18 Ronnie Blair 8. #20 Jack Grissom 9. #3 Matthew Sullivan 10. #717 Amelia McClain

Junior Hornets: 1. #44 Ronnie Hargis Jr. 2. #A198 Kelly Morton 3. #93 Kealey Lowe 4. #01 Kane Pelfrey 5. #25JR Coltin Atkins 6. #17 Carlie Mullinax 7. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland

Powder Puff: 1. #93 Cindy Lowe 2. #92 Tracy Elkins 3. #L92 Rebecca Presley