Wilson powers to third win

Crossville, TN (May 26th) - Crossville Raceway was in action once again on a beautiful Saturday night. The headliner for the night was in the Street Stock class. The Best One Tire Street Stock Shootout promised to be an action packed thrill ride.

The Street Stocks qualified for the event, and at the end of qualifying it was #77 Travis Reno and #11 Raymond Sheppard running the exact same time of 15.82. Reno was awarded the pole for the feature because he qualified before Sheppard. The 25-lap feature started with Reno grabbing the lead ahead of #10B Bradley Lewelling and Sheppard. Sheppard took over second on lap 2. Lewelling reclaimed second on lap 4, however, one lap later Sheppard retook the spot. Sheppard continued to move forward as he took the lead on lap 6. #55 Duke Lowe powered into third on lap 9. Lowe moved into second on lap 11. Lap 13 saw Reno slip back into second. On lap 20 Lowe once again took back second away from Reno. Lewelling moved past Reno for third on lap 20. Meanwhile up front, Sheppard cruised the remaining laps to pick up the big $500 first prize. Lowe was second, Lewelling took home the third place bonus money from Ujunkdit.com , Reno fourth, and #7 Jason Savage rounded out the top five.

In Late Model action, 22 cars signed in on this night, and it was #10 Chris Wilson setting fast time with a lap of 13.66. In the Hoosier Dash, it was #77 Perry Delaney taking the win, with #5J Jesse Lowe finishing second, and Wilson rounding out the top three. Heat race #1 saw #07 Jason Cardwell take the win, with #34 Freddy Simpson finishing second, and #77 Robby Reagan rounding out the top three. In the heat race #2 #84 Buddy Knox took the win, with #4X Joe Cline in second, and #5M Scott Shelton rounding out the top three.

The 30-lap Late Model feature took a couple of tries to get it started, but once it got going Wilson jumped into the early lead. Lowe was in second, Delaney in third, #32 Jason Manley fourth, and #B00 Josh Henry in fifth. #07 Jason Cardwell moved into fifth on lap 2. On lap 13 #8 Trent Mullinax drove into fifth. Up front Wilson extended his lead to half a lap, as he cruised to his third win of the year at the track. Lowe finished second, Delaney was third, Mullinax fourth, and Cardwell rounded out the top five.

The Front Runners saw #709 Jakeup Choate and #L92 Lucas Presley take the heat race wins. At the start of the 20-lap feature, Choate pulled into the lead, with Presley and #J27 JD Rector in third. On lap 3 #R16 Robert Stone took over third. Lap 10 saw Choate have mechanical issues, as he was forced into the infield pit area. This gave the lead to Presley. Presley held off a hard charging Stone to take the win. Rector finished third, #92 Nick Adams was fourth, and #T91 Nathan Adams rounded out the top five.

The Mini Stocks had a great feature as #92 Nick Adams and #L92 Lucas Presley was running first and second at the start, with #92 Jason Qualls following closely in their tire tracks. Adams and Presley ran side by side for the next 10 laps. On a lap 13 green-white-checker restart Adams took the lead with Presley in second and Qualls in third. On the white flag lap in turns one and two, Qualls squeezed by Presley for second. Coming out of turn four, Qualls powered past Adams for his second win in a row. Adams was second, Presley third, #31 Mike Brown was fourth, and #15 Tony Lewis finished fifth. Nick Adams won the heat race.

In the Jr Hornets #A198 Kelly Morton took the heat race win. On lap 5, Morton started having mechanical problems, which allowed #4 Kane Pelfrey to get past her for the lead. Pelfrey lead the remaining laps to pick up his fourth win of the year. #17 Carlie Mullinax was second, #K46 Kenzie Kirkland third, and Morton fourth.

Next Saturday at Crossville Raceway will be “Schools Out 4 Summer!” With Championship points racing in all divisions. Check out our website for all the information you need www.crossvilleraceway.net

The Best One Tire of Crossville Street Stock Shoot-Out

Street Stocks: 1. #11 Raymond Sheppard 2. #55 Duke Lowe 3. #10B Brad Lewelling 4. #77 Travis Reno 5. #7 Jason Savage 6. #17X Joe Freels 7. #83 Jeff Savage 8. #7J Michael Young 9. #9 Jonathan Sims 10. #72 Matt Young (DNS) #9 John Ross

Late Models: 1. #10 Chris Wilson 2. #5J Jesse Lowe 3. #77 Perry Delaney 4. #8 Trent Mullinax 5. #07 Jason Cardwell 6. #B00 Josh Henry 7. #66 Deke Waters 8. #77 Robby Reagan 9. #34 Freddy Simpson 10. #357J John Hooks 11. #4X Joe Cline 12. #34 Nick Davis 13. #32 Jason Manley 14. #25 Lynn Selby 15. #75 Shannon Elrod 16. #84 Buddy Knox 17. #58 Kenny Cobble 18. #00 Ruben Mayfield 19. #5M Scott Shelton 20. #357 Brian Hooks (DNS) #1 Cody Brun (DNS) #76 Jeff Walker

Front Runners: 1. #L92 Lucas Presley 2. #16R Robert Stone 3. #J27 JD Rector 4. #92 Nick Adams 5. #T91 Nathan Adams 6. #57 Stephen Conley 7. #157 Michael Conley 8. #709 Jakeup Choate 9. #3 Matthew Sullivan 10. #717 Amelia McClain 11. #07 Ronny Braddam

Mini Stock: 1. #92 Jason Qualls 2. #92 Nick Adams 3. #L92 Lucas Presley 4. #31 Mike Brown 5. #15 Tony Lewis

Junior Hornets: 1. #4 Kane Pelfrey 2. #17 Carlie Mullinax 3. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland 4. #A198 Kelly Morton