Delaney comes away with win

Crossville, TN (5/12/12) - Saturday Night at Crossville Raceway we recognized all the Mothers with a Special Night at the races. It was also Stay Cool/Call Frost night at the race this week.

In Late Model qualifying it was Crossville’s #5J Jesse Lowe setting fast time with a lap of 13.63. The Hoosier Late Model Dash saw Lenoir City’s #00 Ruben Mayfield take the win, with #77 Perry Delaney in second and #95 Brandon Williams rounding out the top three. In the Late Model heat race, Crossville’s #4X Joe Cline took the win, #8 Trent Mullinax finished second, and #76 Jeff Walker rounded out the top three.

At the start of the 30-lap Late Model feature, Delaney took the lead in turn one away from Mayfield. Williams was in third, Lowe fourth, and #77 Robby Reagan in fifth. On lap 3, Reagan got by Lowe for fourth. Lap 4 saw Cline take fifth away from Lowe. Cline moved past Reagan for fourth on lap7. Lowe would move back into the top five as he got around Reagan on lap 8. On lap 19, Cline got by Williams for third. Lap 21 saw Lowe get by Williams for fourth. #76 Jeff Walker took over fifth on lap 22, as Williams took his ride to the pits. Cline continued his march to the front, as he took second away from Mayfield on lap 27. Delaney took home a flag-to-flag win, his first of the year at the track. Cline came up one position short, as he fished second, Mayfield wound up third, Walker was fourth, and Lowe rounded out the top five.

The Topless Modifieds were in action again at the track this week, and in the heat races it was #51 Mike Lewis taking heat race #1, and #44 Keith Gregory winning heat race #2. The 20-lap feature saw Gregory move into the lead ahead of Lewis, #57 Marvin Romines, #1 Joey Whittenburg, and #1 Stanley Fletcher. On lap 6, Fletcher got by Whittenburg for fourth. Around the halfway point, Lewis really started putting pressure on Gregory. On lap 14, Fletcher went to the pits as a caution came out. This moved #D00 Josh Driskill into fifth. Romines went to the back of the field. #47 Dave Jurist moved into fourth as the race resumed. Gregory was still getting a little pressure from Lewis. Lap 15 saw Romines moved ahead of Driskill for fifth. A lap later Romines got by Jurist for fourth. Gregory would hold off Lewis for the win. It was Gregory’s second win at the track. Lewis finished a close second, Romines got by Whittenburg late in the race to finish third, Whittenburg was fourth, and Driskill rounded out the top five.

In the Front Runner heat races, #07 Ronnie Braddam took heat race #1. The second heat race was won by #L92 Lucas Presley. For the second week in a row the Front Runners had the best feature of the night. The 20-lap feature saw Braddam grab the lead at the start. As they crossed the stripe to complete the first lap it was Braddam in the lead, #J27 JD Rector in second, Presley was running in third, #T92 Nick Adams in fourth, and #709 Jakeup Choate running in fifth. On lap 2, Rector passed Braddam to become the new leader. Presley also got second away from Braddam. Lap 12 would see Presley pressuring Rector for the lead. Rector started slowly increasing his lead through the remaining laps. He would go on to record his third win of the year. Presley finished second, Braddam finished in third, Nick Adams was fourth, and #A93 Nathan Adams rounded out the top five.

The Chevettes saw McMinnville’s #26 Jason Todd grab the heat race win. The 20-lap feature would see Todd jump out to a big lead in the early stages of the race. Early on #65 Todd Spivey and #8 Ronnie Choate battled for second. On lap 4, Choate powered into second. On lap 5, Jason Todd slowed on the track. He went to the pits, thus handing the lead over to Choate. Throughout the rest of the feature Choate extended his lead, as he picked up his fourth win of the year. Spivey finished second, #34 Dustin Benton was third, #92 Jason Qualls fourth, and Jason Todd finished in fifth.

#A198 Kelly Morton took the heat race win in the Jr. Hornet class. The 10-lap feature saw Morton power into the lead, and go unchallenged, as she won her first ever feature win. #4 Kane Pelfrey finished in second, #17 Carlie Mullinax was third, and #K46 Kenzie Kirkland was fourth.

The Hall of Fame class saw #57 Buddy Norwood take the win with #44 Kline Gregory finishing in second.

Late Models: 1. #77 Perry Delaney 2. #4X Joe Cline 3. #00 Ruben Mayfield 4. #76 Jeff Walker 5. #5J Jesse Lowe 6. #25 Lynn Selby 7. #8 Trent Mullinax 8. #34 Nick Davis 9. #1 Cody Brun 10. #95 Brandon Williams 11. #77 Robbie Reagan 12. #W12 Ryan Woodlee 13. #18 Buddy Norwood

Topless Modifieds: 1. #44 Keith Gregory 2. #51 Mike Lewis 3. #57 Marvin Romines 4. #1 Joey Whittenburg 5. #D00 Josh Driskill 6. #47 Dave Jurist 7. #16 Patrick Evans 8. #1 Stanley Fletcher

Front Runners: 1. #27 JD Rector 2. #L92 Lucas Presley 3. #07 Ronnie Braddam 4. #T91 Nick Adams 5. #A93 Nathan Adams 6. #01 Joel Brun 7. #69 Joel McIntire 8. #3 Matthew Sullivan 9. #709 Jakeup Choate 10. #31 Mike Brown (DNS) #7 Brian Larson (DNS) #717 Amelia McClain

Chevettes: 1. #8 Ronnie Choate 2. #65 Todd Spivey 3. #34 Dustin Benton 4. #92 Jason Qualls 5. #26 Jason Todd

Junior Hornets: 1. #A198 Kelly Morton 2. #4 Kane Pelfrey 3. #17 Carlie Mullinax 4. #K46 Kenzie Kirkland

Hall of Fame: 1. #57 Buddy Norwood 2. #44 Cline Gregory