Lowe takes win on Food City Race Night

Crossville, TN (April 28th) – Saturday night was Food City Night at Crossville Raceway. Miss Food City, Ginny Cole, was on hand for the night, and she also sang the National Anthem. A very good turnout of cars and race fans were on hand for a beautiful night of racing action.

Late Model qualifying saw, Crossville’s #5J Jesse Lowe set fast time with a lap of 14.10 around the 1/3 mile high-banked oval. Second quick was #77 Perry Delaney with a 14.16 lap. In the Hoosier Late Model Dash, Lowe grabbed the lead at the start and led the rest of the way for the win. Delaney finished second, #4X Joe Cline was a close third, #00 Ruben Mayfield finished fourth, and #84 Buddy Knox rounded out the top five. In the Late Model heat race Crossville’s #77 Robby Reagan took the dominant win, #118 Todd Stafford was second, #13 Jim Bolin finished third, #5 Jason Capps was fourth, and #5C Troy Davenport rounded out the top five.

In the 30-lap Late Model feature took a little bit to get the show rolling, but when it did Lowe powered into the lead, with Delaney and Cline running second and third. Delaney and Cline put on a good battle, which saw Cline taking over second from Delaney. Running in fourth and fifth was Knox and Mayfield. Knox started pressuring Delaney for third, but Delaney was up to the challenge, and held onto third. Lowe survived several restarts, as he continued to lead the field. Mayfield was now pressuring Delaney for third. On lap seventeen Reagan moved up into the fourth position. Meanwhile, Lowe had a comfortable lead, and he completed the sweep of the night, as he was fast qualifier, won the Hoosier Dash, and led flag to flag for his first Late Model feature of the year. Cline finished second, Delaney was third, Reagan fourth, Mayfield fifth, Knox sixth, #13 Jim Bolin was seventh, #5 Jason Capps eighth, #118 Todd Stafford ninth, #8 Trent Mullinax tenth, #76 Fred Flatt eleventh, #34 Nick Davis was twelfth, #5C Troy Davenport thirteenth, #6X Bruce Davenport fourteenth, #66 Deke Waters fifteenth, and #25 Lynn Selby rounded out the field.

The Front Runner class saw #J27 JD Rector win heat number one, and it was #L92 Lucas Presley winning heat number two. Rector jumped into the lead at the start of the 20-lap feature, with Presley and #A93 Nathan Adams in pursuit. A great 3 way battle for the lead continued lap after lap. On lap 4, Adams got by Presley for second, and set his sights on Rector. Lap 9 saw Adams get to the inside of Rector, as the battle lasted several laps. Around lap 13, #91 Tim Adams got by Presley for third, only to see Presley take it back during the last stages of the race. Rector would hold the competition off for the win. HOWEVER, after a post-race inspection, Rector would be disqualified. That would give the win to Nathan Adams, his first win of the year at the track. Presley would finish second, #N90 Nick Adams was third, #69 Joey McIntire was fourth, #01 Cody Brun finished in fifth, Tim Adams was sixth, #3 Matthew Sullivan seventh, #151 Michael Conley finished in eighth, and #31 Mike Brown rounded out the field.

In the Chevette class, it was #92 Jason Qualls winning heat number one, and #66 Todd Spivey winning heat number two. Spivey jumped into the lead in the 20-lap feature. #8 Ronnie Choate was running an extremely close second, and Qualls was in third. On lap 4, Choate took the lead from Spivey. Lap 5 saw Spivey stop on the track, bringing out a caution. Spivey would rejoin the field before the race was restarted, however he would be at the back of the pack. When the race restarted Choate played hide and seek with the rest of the field. Choate would cruise to a big victory, his third win of the year. #0 Paul Ramsey finished second, Spivey was third, #34 Dustin Benton finished fourth, Qualls fifth, #15 Tony Lewis was sixth, #23 Stephen Fields was seventh, and #3T Will Spickard rounded out the field in eighth.

Street Stock heat race action saw #84 Jason Savage win the heat race to put himself on the pole for the feature. Savage jumped into the lead at the start of the 20-lap feature. #9 John Ross was running second and #7 Jarrett Jones in third. On lap 5, Jones got by Ross for second, as Savage extended his lead. Jones and Ross was the best battle on the track, as the two cars seemed as though that they were glued to each other. On lap 17, Ross would get back by Jones for second. Meanwhile, Savage kept his big lead, as he cruised to his third win of the year at the track. Ross finished second, Jones was third, #94 Kevin Burchfield fourth, #92 James Boofer finished fifth, and #72 Matt Young rounded out the field.

Paul Ramsey won the Jr. Hornet heat race on this night. In the 10 lap feature, Ramsey would lead every lap for his first win at the track this year. #4 Kane Pelfrey finished second, #K46 Kenzy Kirkland was third, and #17 Carlie Mullinax rounded out the field in fourth.

Tonight at Crossville Raceway we had an excellent turn out in both ways, with our cars and our racing fans.

Crossville Raceway Results Food City Race Night

Late Models: 1. #5J Jesse Lowe 2. #4X Joe Cline 3. #77 Perry Delaney 4. #77 Robby Reagan 5. #00 Ruben Mayfield 6. #84 Buddy Knox 7. #13 Jim Bolin 8. #5 Jason Capps 9. #118 Todd Stafford 10. #8 Trent Mullinax 11. #76 Fred Flatt 12. #34 Nick Davis 13. #5C Troy Davenport 14. #6X Bruce Davenport 15. #66 Deke Waters 16. #25 Lynn Selby (DNS) #49 ???

Street Stocks: 1. #84 Jason Savage 2. #9 John Ross 3. #7 Jarrett Jones 4. #94 Kevin Burchfield 5. #92 James Boofer 6. #72 Matt Young

Front Runners: 1. #A93 Nathan Adams 2. #L92 Lucas Presley 3. #N90 Nick Adams 4. #69 Joey McIntire 5. #01 Cody Brun 6. #91 Tim Adams 7. #3 Matthew Sullivan 8. #151 Michael Conley 9. #31 Mike Brown (DQ) #J27 JD Rector

Chevettes: 1. #8 Ronnie Choate 2. #0 Paul Ramsey 3. #66 Todd Spivey 4. #34 Dustin Benton 5. #92 Jason Qualls 6. #15 Tony Lewis 7. #23 Stephen Fields 8.#3T Will Spickard

Junior Hornets: 1. #29 Paul Ramsey 2. #4 Kane Pelfrey 3. #K46 Kenzy Kirkland 4. #17 Carlie Mullinax

Next week at Crossville Raceway is Cinco De Mayo Fiesta night. Championship Points Racing, with all classes in action, plus the Topless Outlaws and the Hall of Fame classes are scheduled to be there. Check out the website for more information…www.crossvilleraceway.net